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Steel fiber manufacturers take you through the restorative functions of steel fiber and how to use and maintain it
 Feb 21, 2023|View:105

Steel fiber is commonly used as a new concrete reinforcing material, referring to the use of steel short fibers, the steel wire cut off, and pressed in accordance with the rules of the style into the two ends of the curved hook, with a certain strength. As a professional Steel fiber manufacturer, this article will take you in detail to understand the repair function of steel fiber and how to use and maintain it.

Steel fiber

1. What is the repair function of steel fiber?

Steel fiber is a high-strength concrete reinforcement widely used in the construction industry in the world today. Compared with ordinary concrete, concrete mixed with steel fiber can be 30-100 meters apart for road expansion joints, and up to 30 meters between airport runway expansion joints. Road and bridge decks are rehabilitated, and the pavement thickness is only 3 to 5 cm. Under high loads, railroad projects vibrate tens of thousands of times at high speeds, giving concrete high strength, high impact resistance and greater plasticity.

Inspection of steel fiber mixes: By checking the workability of the mix, it can directly reflect the quality of the mix construction quality control. If the slump or holding consistency of the mixture, as well as cohesion and water retention, appears to be more dynamic, it is usually caused by errors in the batching of the mixture or large fluctuations in the moisture content of the sand and gravel. Since the workability of the mixture is often checked at the discharge point of the mixer, it is an important component of structural quality control of steel fiber.

2. Why do steel fibers need to be mixed?

Mixing is a very important part of the process of using steel fibers used in concrete, as it determines all the physical and chemical properties of the final steel fiber. Therefore, mixing must be done in a scientific manner to maximize the performance of the steel fiber to meet or exceed the design requirements. In the general use of steel fiber machines, it is done in no more than two ways, manual mixing and machine mixing. Small maintenance projects are usually mixed by hand and the total amount of concrete will not be too much. Steel fiber is well used in coastal areas, where the erosion of seawater is more serious, so steel fiber products are definitely used for construction projects in coastal areas.

3. The use and maintenance of steel fiber.

When the steel fiber reinforced concrete is damaged, most of it is because the steel fiber filaments are pulled out rather than broken. Therefore, improving the bond strength between the steel fiber and the matrix is one of the main control factors to improve the reinforcement effect of steel fiber. The compressive strength, tensile strength, flexural strength, impact strength, toughness, impact toughness and other properties of concrete with the addition of steel fibers are greatly improved.

After the steel fiber is put into the concrete, the lateral connection between the fiber monofilaments is torn under the impact of coarse aggregate in the mixing process, forming fiber monofilaments. It can be used for anti-cracking, impermeability, reinforcement and toughening works of concrete. Steel fiber cannot replace structural reinforcement or reduce the size of the main structure. It cannot be used to resolve settlement, heat of hydration of large concrete masses and strong external impacts.

The above is about the repair function of steel fiber and how to use and maintain it, if you need more detailed information, welcome to contact us!