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Advantages of steel fiber concrete
 Oct 27, 2022|View:652

Advantages of steel fiber concrete.

1、Fatigue lightness and impact resistance

2、Improve seismic resistance and durability

3、Reduce the brittleness of concrete and increase the toughness

4、Increase concrete bending, shear, fatigue strength and impact resistance

5、Glued steel fiber uniform distribution, easy to mix

6、Compared with conventional concrete, it reduces the cost because of the reduction of concrete thickness

7、It is more economical and faster because it is easy and simple.

fibre steel reinforced concrete

Steel fiber concrete application is also very popular, steel fiber concrete in the engineering set up to play a role in constantly strengthening. To see the steel fiber in the concrete to play a greater role. These two theories are not less than an empty analysis of the steel fiber concrete to strengthen the matrix, composite materials rejected the theory of the omission of steel fibers on the matrix of the role of crack resistance, that is, the omission of the coupling effect brought about by the composite; fiber spacing theory is the biggest drawback is the omission of the fiber itself coupling role, and unilaterally exaggerate the role of fiber crack resistance, and play a role in determining the fiber spacing should be theoretical fiber spacing.

concrete with metal fiber

steel fiber concrete factory production utility model of a steel shear into steel fiber steel fiber machine. Mainly by the rack, spindle, bearing and bearing seat, cutter, motor, pulley, etc.; main bearing through the bearing and bearing seat set in the rack; spindle end of the cutter; cutter end of the rack is equipped with a working table and fixed knife; pulley set in the two bearing seat between the spindle; motor through the belt and pulley drive the spindle and cutter rotation, can be placed on the working table plate to shear the steel plate into Steel fiber. The utility model structure is simple, light weight, low energy consumption, high shear efficiency.