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China concrete exhibition
 Aug 20, 2022|View:646

On August 5, 2022, the 2021-2022 China concrete and cement products industry conference and China concrete Exhibition hosted by China concrete and cement products association were solemnly opened in Nanjing International Expo Center. The feast of concrete and cement products industry was officially opened. This conference is a large-scale offline activity covering the whole industrial chain and the largest scale in China's concrete and cement products industry in the past two years. It is a precious and rare opportunity and exchange platform for the same industry. It has attracted the active participation of many enterprises and received wide and high attention from the industry and society. China concrete exhibition 2021-2022 focuses on the development trend and market prospect of the whole industrial chain of concrete and cement products in China and the world. It gathers upstream and downstream industries such as ready mixed concrete, high-performance concrete, prefabricated concrete components, prefabricated concrete piles, cement concrete pipe culverts, concrete admixtures, lightweight aggregate concrete and ecological concrete to build a complete industrial chain. More than 20 activities are held at the exhibition site at the same time, Invite industry celebrities to discuss forward-looking industry views in combination with current current hot issues.