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Our steel fiber applications
 Aug 16, 2022|View:596

The copper-plated steel fiber produced by Ganzhou Daye Metallic Fiber Co., Ltd. is applied to bridges in Malaysia, and is also widely used in wet joints and expansion joints of bridges. The tensile strength and flexural strength of concrete can be increased by 20% - 50% and 40% - 80% respectively by adding appropriate amount of steel fiber into the concrete. Under the normal fiber content, the impact compressive toughness can be increased by 2-7 times, and the impact shear resistance, tensile strength and other toughness can be increased by several times to dozens of times. Due to the good crack resistance and integrity of steel fiber concrete, the freeze-thaw resistance, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, cavitation resistance and corrosion resistance are significantly improved. Concrete itself is a heterogeneous, multi-component, non-homogeneous granular brittle composite material. Its compression ratio is only about one tenth, and its crack resistance is very low. The addition of steel fiber can prevent the initiation of cracks and reduce the size and number of crack sources; In the process of stress, the extension and expansion of cracks are suppressed, and the stress and concentration of cracks are alleviated.