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UHPC Component
  • DAYE Embossed Micro Steel Fiber

    Model: ABSF0213

    DAYE stainless steel wire fiber is a special kind of metal fiber,which plays an anti-corrosion and shrengthening role in concrete.Widely used inheavy and large infrastructure projects.DAYE stainless steel wire fiber is a special kind of metal fiber,which plays an anti-corrosion and shrengthening rol...
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  • UHPC Reactive Powder Concrete Sidewalk Cable Cover

    Model: Cable Cover

    As a new material in concrete spectrum, UHPC reactive powder concrete sidewalk cable cover has a new prospect of application.In addition to its high strength, high durability, the advantages of lightweight and thin, also has good chemical stability, the characteristics of no recycling value, thus av...
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  • DAYE Cable Groove UHPC Component

    Model: Cable Groove

    Cable trough is a one-time suppression molding, with protective cable, good insulation, high strength, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, fire retardant, good environmental adaptability (-50-60 degrees-60 degrees) non-toxic, tasteless, light (generally only 1 / 4 of steel cable trough, 1 / 10 o...
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  • Bridge Shutters Customizable UHPC Component

    Model: Bridge Shutters

    Cover plate is the prefabricated concrete member installed on the two side edge of the bridge, as the carrier of the bridge railing or sound barrier.Bridge shading generally can not be cast-in-place, basically all for prefabricated components, shading is generally in a special shading processing pla...
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  • DAYE UHPC Component Slope Protection Bricks

    Model: Slope Protection Bricks

    Slope protection brick can be pressed and formed by the slope protection brick machine, and different types of roadside stone, lawn brick, permeable brick, and heterosexual brick can be made by replacing the mold.Suitable for road, road, square road laying, improve the urban ecological environment, ...
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  • OEM UHPC Component DAYE Sound Barrier

    Model: Sound Barrier

    Sound barrier is mainly used for the noise reduction of highway, highway, elevated composite road and other noise sources.It is divided into pure sound insulation reflection type of sound barrier and sound absorption and sound insulation combined with the composite sound barrier, the latter is a mor...
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