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Steel fiber manufacturer tells you about Steel fiber applications
 Oct 28, 2022|View:671

As an excellent anti-crack material, Steel fiber can be used in many fields. As a Steel fiber manufacturer, what should Steel fiber have?

The current applications of steel fiber include road and bridge engineering, construction engineering, hydraulic engineering, Port Engineering, railway engineering, tunnel, underground space, military engineering, and so on. Its excellent performance can obtain good technical economic and social-environmental benefits.

Steel fiber manufacturer

Steel fiber manufacturertells you that Steel fiber can also be used in concrete.

Steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC) is a new kind of multi-phase composite material, which is composed of three-dimensional disordered short steel fibers in ordinary concrete. These steel fibers can effectively hinder the expansion of micro-cracks and the formation of macro-cracks in concrete, and significantly improve the tensile, bending, impact, and fatigue properties of concrete, as good ductility.

Steel fiber concrete has the same mixing, operation, and construction performance as ordinary concrete, the fiber in concrete will not be spherical, has a uniform distribution and can be used in commercial concrete mixing plant production and pumping construction.

Steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC) has good material properties, and its compressive strength is increased by 2 ~ 20% compared with that of ordinary concrete. The bending strength is increased by 20-50%. The splitting tensile strength increases by 20 ~ 40%, and the wear resistance increases by 40%. Its physical and physical properties can fully meet the needs of urban road engineering and inspection of the manhole cover and other supporting components such as technical indicators. Steel fiber rough and clean surface and concrete cement paste can be firmly combined.

This is the application of Steel fiber, as a Steel fiber manufacturer, we have a lot of experience in the production of Steel fiber, Steel fiber, type, specifications are very comprehensive, if you have a demand for this, you can contact us at any time.