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Carbon fiber steel supplier introduces you to carbon fiber steel
 Nov 05, 2022|View:591

As the supplier of carbon fiber steel, we know carbon fiber steel is the most widely used reinforced concrete material in the world today. Carbon fiber steel concrete is a new kind of multiphase composite material, which is formed by adding short carbon fiber steel into ordinary concrete. These disordered carbon fiber steel can effectively prevent the propagation of micro-cracks and the formation of macro-cracks in concrete, and significantly improve the tensile, bending, impact, and fatigue properties of concrete X, good ductility.

Carbon fiber steel is a kind of fiber whose length-diameter ratio (the ratio of fiber length to its diameter) is 40 ~ 80, which is made by cutting thin steel wire, cutting cold rolled strips, milling ingot,s or rapid cooling of molten steel.

Carbon fiber steel suppliers said that the performance of carbon fiber steel varies greatly depending on the method of manufacture, for example, the tensile strength of cold-drawn steel wire is 800-2000MPa, the tensile strength of cold-rolled steel strip is 600-900MPa, the ingot milling method is 700MPa, and the liquid steel condensation method is 380MPA, but it is suitable for producing heat-resistant fiber.

Carbon fiber steel supplier

A thin steel wire of a specified length and diameter is added to strengthen mortar or concrete. A long straight carbon fiber steel with a circular cross-section is usually used. Its length is 10.60 ku m, its diameter is 0.2 ~ 0.6 cm, and its ratio of length to diameter is 50 ~ 100. In order to increase the bond between fiber and mortar or concrete, we can choose the special-shaped carbon fiber steel, its section has a rectangular, zigzag, meniscus-shaped: section size and alternates along the length of Wave-shaped: Circular: end of the enlarged or with a curved hook, etc.

Carbon fiber steel supplier is mainly used to produce carbon fiber steel concrete, and any method of production of carbon fiber steel can play a role in strengthening concrete.

The reinforcement effect of carbon fiber mainly depends on the strength of the matrix (FM), the ratio of length to diameter (i/d) of carbon fiber steel (length 1 to diameter d), the volume fraction of fiber (carbon fiber steel in carbon fiber steel concrete), the bond strength (t) between fiber and matrix, and the effect of fiber distribution and orientation (N) in the matrix. When carbon fiber steel is destroyed by coagulation, the fiber is pulled out rather than pulled out. Therefore, improving the bond strength between the fiber and the matrix is one of the main controlling factors to improve the reinforcing effect of the fiber.

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