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Steel fiber manufacturer tells you the application of steel fiber concrete in different projects
 Nov 18, 2022|View:539

With the development of society, more and more construction projects have started to use steel fiber concrete as raw material. Compared with traditional concrete, most construction units respect steel fiber concrete because of its strong crack resistance, shear resistance, bending resistance, compression resistance, impact resistance, frost resistance, wear resistance and fatigue resistance, and many other advantages. As a professional Steel fiber manufacturer, the following will tell you more about the application of steel fiber concrete in different projects.

steel fiber concrete

1. Water conservancy project. Steel fiber concrete in the water conservancy project is widely used, mainly for the role of high-speed water flow and more complex parts of the force, such as spillways, spillways, pressurized drainage channels, force pools, gate floor and sluice gates, locks, crossings, dam impermeable panels and slope protection, etc.

2. Construction works. The influence of steel fiber concrete in construction projects is becoming more and more widespread, generally used in housing construction projects, precast pile projects, frame nodes, roof waterproofing projects, underground waterproofing projects, and other engineering fields. Such as, the use of steel fiber concrete in seismic frame nodes can replace the hoop to meet the requirements of the node on strength, flexibility, energy consumption, etc., but also to provide similar to the role of hoop restraint concrete and to solve the construction problems of the node area steel extrusion makes concrete difficult to pour.

3. Road and bridge projects. Steel fiber concrete in road and bridge engineering is widely used in roads, bridges, airport runways, and other projects, including new and repair works. Steel fiber concrete has better toughness, impact resistance, and fatigue resistance than ordinary concrete. It can reduce the thickness of the surface layer, lengthen the spacing of expansion joints, improve performance, reduce maintenance costs and extend the life. The surface layer can be reduced by 30 to 50% compared with ordinary concrete, and the spacing between expansion joints of highways can reach 30 to 100m. The spacing between expansion joints of airport runways can reach 30m. pavement and bridge deck repair, and the thickness of its cover is only 3 to 5cm.

4. Railway engineering. In railroad engineering, steel fiber concrete is mainly used for prestressed steel fiber concrete railroad pillows, double-block railroad pillows, and salvage railroad bridge deck waterproof protection layers. Railroad engineering to withstand the larger load, higher speeds, and tens of thousands of vibrations, so the concrete must have high strength, high impact resistance, and greater plasticity. This uses the impact resistance and good plasticity of steel fiber concrete. The application of steel fiber concrete so that the maintenance workload is greatly reduced and improves the service life of the line, the effect is good.

5. Port and marine engineering. The use of steel fiber concrete in marine engineering is mainly the corrosion of steel fiber concrete, so further research is needed. Still, the experience of using it in Japan and Norway is encouraging. Japan Steel Club uses steel fiber concrete for the steel pipe pile corrosion protection layer. Steel fiber concrete corrosion is intact, with no rust on the steel pipe surface, and still has a metallic luster. Norway will be steel fiber concrete for the North Sea submarine gas pipeline tunnel lining, Forsmark nuclear power plant submarine nuclear waste storage support, post-tensioning prestressing pipe hole sealing of the ocean platform, and the pier concrete by seawater corrosion parts of the repair. Steel fiber concrete was also used in the track beam project of Jiangsu Shiziao Port Terminal in China.

The above is the application of steel fiber concrete in different projects; if you want more details, welcome to consult!