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Micro Steel Fiber WSF
Micro steel fibers offer the following advantages:
Enhanced Strength and Durability: Micro steel fiber provide increased strength and durability to materials.
Crack Control and Improved Toughness: Micro steel fiber help control cracks and improve the toughness of the material.
Increased Impact Resistance: Micro steel fiber enhance the material's ability to withstand impact, reducing the risk of fracture.
Improved Shrinkage and Crack Resistance: Microsteel fibre enhance the material's resistance to shrinkage and cracking.
Enhanced Fire Performance: Micro steel fiber improve the material's fire resistance.
Easy Mixing and Construction: Microsteel fibre are easy to mix and distribute evenly, facilitating construction processes.
Cost-Effective Solution: Micro steel fiber offer an economical and efficient solution for reinforcement.
These advantages make micro steel fiber a valuable addition to various materials, providing enhanced properties and performance.
Product Detail

Micro steel fiber is a fiber material used to reinforce concrete and other composite materials. They are typically made of fine steel wires with high aspect ratios and small dimensions. Micro steel fibers have lengths ranging from 10 to 30 millimeters and diameters ranging from 0.2 to 0.5 millimeters.

Micro steel fibers provide several advantages when incorporated into concrete. Microsteel fibre significantly enhance the strength and durability of the concrete, improving its tensile and flexural properties. Additionally, micro steel fibers effectively control and slow down the formation and propagation of cracks, enhancing the material's toughness and crack resistance.

Micro steel fibers also contribute to increased impact resistance and fire performance. Microsteel fibre absorb and distribute impact energy, reducing the risk of material fracture and failure. In fire situations, micro steel fibers help prevent explosive spalling of the concrete surface, thereby maintaining the structural integrity and stability.

The use of micro steel fibers also improves the concrete's shrinkage resistance and reduces shrinkage-induced cracking. By providing restraint, the micro steelfibers alleviate internal stresses within the concrete, thereby extending the service life of the structure.

DAYE Copper/Brass Coated steel fiber is a special metal fiber with strong compression, tension and crack resistance. anti crack concrete fibers is widely used in high-speed railway prefabricated parts, RPC cover panels, UHPC prefabricated parts and other important engineering components.

Micro Steel Fiber Technical Parameters:

Fiber Diameter

0.12mm/0.15mm/0.175mm/0.22mm/0.3mm (+/-0.02)

Fiber Length

6mm /8mm/ 13mm / 15mm/20mm (+/-1);

Fiber can be cut to 6-60mm long as your request.

Tensile Strength


Aspect Ratio


Modulus of Elasticity







Shiny, brass coated


Non Toxic, Non Irritating, Neutral

Micro Steel Fiber Main Features:

  • 1. High strength, high safety& reliability.

  • 2. High durability.

  • 3. Light in weight.

  • 4.Stable quality, easy modeling&beautiful appearance.

  • 5. Long Service Life, Obvious time benefit.

  • 6. Construction cost moderate, performance/cost ratio excellent.

Economic Advantage:

  • 1. Steel fiber costs less

  • 2.Concrete consumption can be reduced by 30% ~ 50% under the same strength;.

  • 3.Rebar partially or completely no needed anymore, or reduce the diameter of steel bar for1~2mm;

  • 4.Construction cycle shortened by 25%, suitable for projects where continuous and fast concrete placing is required;

  • 5. Mixing as conventional concrete, no extra equipment needed.

Main Applications:

  • 1.UHPC Highway&Bridges;

  • 2.Railway;

  • 3.Pipeline;

  • 4.Hydraulic dam;

  • 5.Port and Marine Engineering;

  • 6.Tunnel and mining works;

  • 7.Other engineering;

  • 8.RPCCover Panel and Main Engineering Precast Unit;

  • 9.Mortar;

  • 10.High Wear-resistant Material;

  • 11.Crack-resistant Coating for large buildings;

  • 12.Large factories, Explosion-proof engineering, Military industry.

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