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C LSF Micro Steel Fiber
DAYE Copper/Brass Coated steel fiber is a special metal fiber with strong compression, tension and crack resistance.
Product Detail

Fiber steel reinforcement Technical Parameters:

Fiber Diameter

0.2mm/0.35mm/0.56mm (+/-0.02);

Fiber Length

13mm /15mm / 22mm / 25mm/40mm (+/-1);

Tensile Strength


Aspect Ratio

Modulus of Elasticity





Hooked ends and straight middle


Shiny, brass coated


Non Toxic, Non Irritating, Neutral

Hooked steel fibre Main Features:

  • 1. High strength, high safety& reliability.

  • 2. High durability.

  • 3. Light in weight.

  • 4.Stable quality, easy modeling&beautiful appearance.

  • 5. Long Service Life, Obvious time benefit.

  • 6. Construction cost moderate, performance/cost ratio excellent.

  • Steel fiber wire Economic Advantage:

  • 1.Concrete consumption can be reduced by 30% ~ 50% under the same strength;.

  • 2.Rebar partially or completely no needed anymore, or reduce the diameter of steel bar for1~2mm;

  • 3.Construction cycle shortened by 25%, suitable for projects where continuous and fast concrete placing is required;

  • 4. Mixing as conventional concrete, no extra equipment needed.

Super short steel fiber Main Applications:

  • 1.UHPC Highway&Bridges;

  • 2.Railway;

  • 3.Pipeline;

  • 4.Hydraulic dam;

  • 5.Port and Marine Engineering;

  • 6.Tunnel and mining works;

  • 7.other engineering;

  • 8.RPCCover Panel and Main Engineering Precast Unit;

  • 9.Mortar;

  • 10.High Wear-resistant Material;

  • 11.Crack-resistant Coating for large buildings;

  • 12.Large factories, Explosion-proof engineering, Military industry.

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