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steel fiber reinforced for concrete price supplier in china
Introducing DAYE Stainless Steel Wire Fiber: Reinventing Concrete Reinforcement with Unbeatable Prices. DAYE stainless steel wire fiber revolutionizes concrete reinforcement, providing exceptional anti-corrosion properties and enhanced strength. Our steel fibers for concrete come at unbeatable prices, ensuring top-quality solutions within your budget. Seamlessly integrating into the concrete mix, these fibers reinforce the structure, minimizing cracks and brittleness while increasing load-bearing capacity and resistance to impact. DAYE stainless steel wire fiber extends the concrete's service life, reducing maintenance costs over time. Ideal for heavy infrastructure projects, it exceeds industry standards for durability and performance. Choose DAYE for cost-effective excellence in steel fiber reinforced concrete. Build a more resilient world with DAYE SFRC. Contact us now for unbeatable steel fiber reinforced concrete price.
Product Detail

Contact us for steel fiber reinforced concrete price,steel fibers for concrete price

Steel fiber hooked end Technical Parameters

Fiber Diameter

0.12mm/0.15mm/0.175mm/0.22mm/0.3mm (+/-0.02)

Fiber Length

6mm / 13mm / 15mm/20mm (+/-1);

Fiber can be cut to 6-60mm long as your request.

Tensile Strength


Aspect Ratio


Modulus of Elasticity





Dot type


Shiny, brass coated


Non Toxic, Non Irritating, Neutral

Main Functions:

The tensile strength and flexural strength of concrete can be increased by 20%-50% and 40%-80% when appropriate steel fiber is added to concrete. Under the usual fiber dosage, impact compression toughness can be increased by 2-7 times, impact shear, tensile toughness can be increased by several times to dozens of times. Because of the crack resistance and integrity of steel fiber concrete, the freeze-thaw resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance, cavitation resistance and corrosion resistance have been significantly improved. Concrete collective itself is a kind of multi-phase, multi-component, non-uniform granular brittle composite material, its compressive ratio is only about one tenth, crack resistance is very low.The addition of steel fiber prevents the initiation of cracks and reduces the size and number of cracks. In the process of loading, the extension and expansion of cracks are inhibited, and the stress and concentration of cracks are alleviated.

Construction Proposals

The amount of steel fiber is based on the design requirements of the engineering application design institute. The general dosage is 90kg/-268kg/.

Steel fiber concrete mixing process: the construction shall be carried out according to the conventional construction without special adjustment.

Helix steel fibers Main Applications:

1、UHPC Highway&Bridges;



4、Hydraulic dam;

5Port and Marine Engineering;

6Tunnel and mining works;

7other engineering;

8RPCCover Panel and Main Engineering Precast Unit;


10High Wear-resistant Material;

11Crack-resistant Coating for large buildings;

12Large factories, Explosion-proof engineering, Military industry.

Contact us for steel fiber reinforced concrete price,steel fibers for concrete price

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