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uhpc metal fiber concrete mix supplier in china
UHPC concrete mix and metal fiber concrete offer distinct advantages in construction applications. UHPC concrete mix provides superior strength.Metal fiber concrete, on the other hand, offers improved flexural strength, impact resistance, and crack control.The combined use of UHPC and metal fibers can result in highly durable and resilient concrete structures with superior mechanical properties.We are the supplier of uhpc metal fiber concrete mix, the quality is guaranteed, and there are discounts for large quantities, please consult us.
Product Detail

UHPC Concrete Mix:

Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) is an advanced form of concrete that exhibits exceptional strength, durability, and performance characteristics. UHPC concrete mix offers the following advantages:

Superior Strength: UHPC concrete mix is known for its exceptional compressive strength, typically exceeding 150 MPa (22,000 psi). This high strength allows for the design of slender and lightweight structures with reduced material usage.

Enhanced Durability: UHPC concrete mix exhibits excellent resistance to chemical attack, abrasion, and freeze-thaw cycles. It has a dense microstructure with reduced porosity, resulting in improved durability and resistance to environmental factors.

Reduced Permeability: UHPC concrete mix has low permeability, which means it is highly resistant to the penetration of water, chloride ions, and other aggressive substances. This property helps to protect embedded reinforcement and increase the service life of structures.

Metal Fiber Concrete:

Metal Fiber Concrete is a type of concrete that incorporates metallic fibers, such as steel fibers, to enhance its mechanical properties. Metal fiber concrete offers the following advantages:

Improved Flexural Strength: The addition of metal fibers enhances the flexural strength of concrete, making it more resistant to cracking and improving its load-bearing capacity. This is particularly beneficial for applications where increased tensile strength is required, such as in pavements, precast elements, and industrial flooring.

Enhanced Impact Resistance: Metal fibers in concrete provide improved impact resistance and energy absorption capabilities. The fibers help to distribute and dissipate impact forces, reducing the risk of spalling and enhancing the structural integrity of the concrete.

Crack Control: The presence of metal fibers in concrete helps control the propagation of cracks. The fibers act as reinforcement, limiting crack width and preventing the development of extensive cracking, which improves the long-term durability and performance of the concrete.

Counterweight Concrete Product superiority:

Can be hoisted, strong adaptability to the site, meet the design requirements, high cost performance, cost saving, stable quality, good durability, the bridge counterweight concrete is dense, reduce the construction costs

Ultra high performance concrete Professional suppliers:

Ganzhou Daye Metal Fiber Co., Ltd

The counterweight concrete of Ganzhou Daye Metal Fiber Co., Ltd. is used in the fender and the bottom of the box after lifting the prefabricated steel box girder.When hoisting the prefabricated steel box girder, consider reducing the lifting weight.After lifting the box girder, it needs to be a counterweight.Pour concrete inside the box and at the fender.In order to increase the proportion of gravity, concrete Chinese Academy of Sciences mixed with iron sand.

Ultra high strength concrete scope of application:

Suitable for large field, suitable for medium-sized highway and railway bridge Bridge counterweight concrete is applied in the box room of the box beam, which can effectively solve the partial load of the main beam and the ramp, and achieve the purpose of balance and stability

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