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Low Carbon Steel Wire Fiber
DAYE cold drawn low carbon steel wire fiber is a special kind of metal fiber, in the concrete compressive strength, tensile strength, bending strength, impact strength, toughness, impact toughness and other properties have been trap improved. It is widely used in highway pavement, airport pavement, bridge pavement, bridge expansion joint, water conservancy and hydropower and other heavy large-scale infrastructure projects.
Product Detail

Technical Parameters

Fiber Diameter

0.55mm/0.75mm/1.0mm (+/-0.05);

Fiber Length

30mm /35mm / 50mm/60mm (+/-1);

Tensile Strength


Aspect Ratio




Hooked ends and straightmiddle




Non Toxic, Non Irritating, Neutral

Main Features:

Ø 1.High strength, high safety&reliability.

Ø 2.High durability.

Ø 3.Light in weight.

Ø 4.Stable quality, easy modeling&beautiful appearance.

Ø 5.Long Service Life, Obvious time benefit.

Ø 6.Construction cost moderate, performance/cost ratio excellent.

Economic Advantage

Ø 1Concrete consumption can be reduced by 30% ~ 50% under the same strength;.

Ø 2Rebar partially or completely no needed anymore, or reduce the diameter of steel bar for1~2mm;

Ø 3Construction cycle shortened by 25%, suitable for projects where continuous and fast concrete placing is required;

Ø 4. Mixing as conventional concrete, no extra equipment needed.

Main Applications:


◆Hydraulic Dam;

◆Railway Sleeper;

Port and Marine Engineering;

Tunnel and mining works;


other engineering

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