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Steel Fiber Disperser Specifications For The Mixing of Dispersed Steel Fibers
Suitable for large engineering construction such as construction site, bridge, factory plant, water conservancy engineering, airport runway construction machine, can make the distribution of steel fiber in the concrete uniform without ball starting.
Product Detail

Steel Fiber Disperser Specifications:Patent Products


Weight: 600kg

Overall dimensions; 2.3m*1.4m*2.0m

Motor: 3-phase asynchronous motor,

Power: 4KW continuous duty

AP: The steel fiber is dispersed in the feed conveyor belt of the mixing station, and evenly enters the mixing room, so that the steel fiber is released in the concrete evenly, without pelting.

Operational Principle: Pour the steel fiber into the disperser, measure the steel fiber according to the amount and proportion of the concrete, and manually add the material.The dispersed steel fiber accurately into the conveyor belt, concrete mixing chamber and cement, aggregate phase mixed.

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