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Polypropylene Fibre
The fibres are Made of Polypropylene.
Product Detail

PP fiber Description

The fibres are Made of Polypropylene.

PP fiber concrete Features

Ø Provides good impact,fatigue,shrinkage control and ductility in all grade concretes.

Ø Cost saving,Is easier to use,to disperse and safe to handle.

Ø Can be used in highly corrosive circumstance.

Ø The surface has been embossed,which greatly improves the cohesive force between fibres and concrete,and also boosts shrinkage resistance and crack resistance.

Ø The toughness of macro synthetic fibre is less stronger than steel fibre.But test has shown slabs on grade and pre-cast concrete predominately require a dosage rate of between 25kg-40kg of steel fibres per cubic meter, in comparison,using between 3kg-10kg of macro synthetic fibre per cubic meter of concrete. Synthetic fibres achieve greater strength and ductility in the matrix.

PP staple fiber Estimating Data

The dosage rate is dependent on the application however the minimum dosage range is 3kg/m3-10kg/m3.

Typical Application

Shotcrete, and engineering industries, concrete project,like being used in base,ground, bridge, dam, especially where relatively large-scale deformations may be expected, such as in mining engineering environment.

Polypropylene fiber reinforced Technical Information

Minimum Tensile Strength

>650 MPa


>10 GMPa

Fibre dimension

L: 65mm;

Melt Point




Melt flow


Acid&Alkali Resistance


Moisture Content



White, or black,Embossed


5kg/box, 1200-1300kg/pallet, 12800kg/20’ container, 25800kg/40’ container.

How should the fibre be used-- SAP 65S

The fibres are wrapped with water-soluble film and uniquely packaged in paper boxes.Then just throw the whole boxes of fibres into the concrete mixture, the boxes and film then dissolve within seconds, leaving the fibres to disperse evenly throughout the mixture.

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