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China hooked end micro steel fibres in concrete for sale

We are a leading micro steel fiber manufacturer, dedicated to providing high-quality steel fibre in concrete to distributors. Our extensive range includes hooked end steel fibres designed for reinforcing concrete, offering exceptional durability, crack resistance, and fire performance. With a focus on delivering reliable and high-performance solutions, our micro steel fibers provide enhanced structural integrity and longevity. we offer top-quality micro steel fibers that meet the stringent demands of various construction and engineering projects.

steel fibre in concrete
Product Detail

Our high-quality hooked end steel fibres for sale provide exceptional durability, crack resistance, and fire performance when incorporated into concrete. These steel fibre in concrete reinforce the concrete matrix, improving its overall strength and longevity. As your reliable supplier, we are committed to delivering outstanding micro steel fibers that meet the demanding requirements of construction and engineering projects. Contact us today to explore our comprehensive range of hooked end micro steel fibers and experience the benefits they offer for enhancing concrete structures.

1.Hooked End Steel Fibers

Our hooked end steel fibers are specifically engineered to reinforce concrete structures. These fibers feature a unique hooked end design, providing superior bonding with the concrete matrix. By effectively anchoring the fibers within the concrete, hooked end steel fibres enhance the crack resistance and durability of the structure. The hooked end configuration ensures excellent load-bearing capacity and prevents fiber pullout, allowing for improved structural performance under various loads and environmental conditions.

2.Steel Fiber in Concrete

The incorporation of steel fiber in concrete significantly enhances its overall performance. Our micro steel fibers are meticulously manufactured to precise specifications, ensuring uniform dispersion throughout the concrete mix. This results in improved tensile strength, flexural toughness, and impact resistance, effectively reducing cracking and improving the structural integrity of the concrete. The addition of steel fibre in concrete also enhances the post-crack behavior of concrete, providing enhanced resistance against crack propagation.

3.Micro Steel Fiber

Our micro steel fibers are engineered to possess exceptional properties, offering excellent durability and crack resistance. With their small diameter and high aspect ratio, these fibers provide enhanced reinforcement within the concrete matrix. The fine size of the micro steel fibers ensures efficient dispersion and uniform distribution, contributing to improved mechanical properties and long-term performance of the concrete. The micro steel fibers effectively control cracking and enhance the overall durability of the concrete structure.

4.Fire Performance

In addition to their durability and crack resistance, our hooked end steel fibres and micro steel fibers exhibit excellent fire performance. Due to the inherent properties of steel, these fibers can withstand high temperatures and help maintain the structural integrity of the concrete during fire incidents. By minimizing the risk of structural collapse and reducing fire propagation, our steel fibers enhance the safety and fire resistance of concrete structures.

Fiber steel reinforcement Technical Parameters:

Fiber Diameter

0.2mm/0.35mm/0.56mm (+/-0.02);

Fiber Length

13mm /15mm / 22mm / 25mm/40mm (+/-1);

Tensile Strength


Aspect Ratio

Modulus of Elasticity





Hooked ends and straight middle


Shiny, brass coated


Non Toxic, Non Irritating, Neutral

Hooked steel fibre Main Features:

  • 1. High strength, high safety& reliability.

  • 2. High durability.

  • 3. Light in weight.

  • 4.Stable quality, easy modeling&beautiful appearance.

  • 5. Long Service Life, Obvious time benefit.

  • 6. Construction cost moderate, performance/cost ratio excellent.

  • Steel fiber wire Economic Advantage:

  • 1.Concrete consumption can be reduced by 30% ~ 50% under the same strength;.

  • 2.Rebar partially or completely no needed anymore, or reduce the diameter of steel bar for1~2mm;

  • 3.Construction cycle shortened by 25%, suitable for projects where continuous and fast concrete placing is required;

  • 4. Mixing as conventional concrete, no extra equipment needed.

Super short steel fiber Main Applications:

  • 1.UHPC Highway&Bridges;

  • 2.Railway;

  • 3.Pipeline;

  • 4.Hydraulic dam;

  • 5.Port and Marine Engineering;

  • 6.Tunnel and mining works;

  • 7.other engineering;

  • 8.RPCCover Panel and Main Engineering Precast Unit;

  • 9.Mortar;

  • 10.High Wear-resistant Material;

  • 11.Crack-resistant Coating for large buildings;

  • 12.Large factories, Explosion-proof engineering, Military industry.

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