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steel fibre concrete mix supplier in china
Fiber concrete mix provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for improving the mechanical properties of concrete.Fiber concrete mix offers increased tensile and flexural strength, enhanced crack control.These properties make steel fibre concrete suitable for a wide range of applications, including industrial floors, pavements, tunnel linings, and shotcrete applications.
Product Detail

Steel fibre concrete mix refers to a type of concrete mixture that incorporates steel fibres as a reinforcing material. Steel fibre concrete mix offers enhanced mechanical properties and improved performance compared to traditional concrete.

In steel fibre concrete mix, steel fibres are added to the concrete mixture during the mixing process. These fibres are typically made from galvanized steel or stainless steel and come in various shapes, such as hooked, crimped, or straight. The addition of steel fibres provides several benefits to the concrete.

One of the main advantages of steel fibre concrete mix is its increased tensile strength. The steel fibres act as miniature reinforcement, distributing stress and preventing the propagation of cracks in the concrete. This results in improved toughness and durability, making steel fibre concrete mix particularly suitable for applications where high impact resistance and crack control are required.

Furthermore, steel fibre concrete mix enhances the flexural strength of the concrete. The fibres help to distribute the load more evenly, reducing the risk of bending or failure. This makes steel fibre concretemix ideal for applications that experience bending forces, such as precast elements, slabs, or beams.

Steel fibre concretemix also offers improved resistance to shrinkage and thermal cracking. The fibres help to control the formation of microcracks, minimizing the impact of temperature fluctuations and drying shrinkage. This contributes to the long-term durability and performance of the concrete.

Additionally, steel fibre concrete mix can improve the constructability of the concrete. The fibres enhance the cohesion of the mix, making it easier to pump, place, and finish. This can be particularly advantageous in complex or congested construction scenarios.

Technical Parameters

Fiber Diameter

0.55mm/0.75mm/1.0mm (+/-0.05);

Fiber Length

30mm /35mm / 50mm/60mm (+/-1);

Tensile Strength


Aspect Ratio




Hooked ends and straightmiddle




Non Toxic, Non Irritating, Neutral

Main Features:

Ø 1.High strength, high safety&reliability.

Ø 2.High durability.

Ø 3.Light in weight.

Ø 4.Stable quality, easy modeling&beautiful appearance.

Ø 5.Long Service Life, Obvious time benefit.

Ø 6.Construction cost moderate, performance/cost ratio excellent.

Economic Advantage

Ø 1Concrete consumption can be reduced by 30% ~ 50% under the same strength;.

Ø 2Rebar partially or completely no needed anymore, or reduce the diameter of steel bar for1~2mm;

Ø 3Construction cycle shortened by 25%, suitable for projects where continuous and fast concrete placing is required;

Ø 4. Mixing as conventional concrete, no extra equipment needed.

Main Applications:


◆Hydraulic Dam;

◆Railway Sleeper;

◆Port and Marine Engineering;

◆Tunnel and mining works;


other engineering

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