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Group Visit of Class 27, Ganzhou, New Business District, University of Finance and Economics - Ganzhou Daye Metal Fiber
 Apr 01, 2023|View:920


On the afternoon of March 28th, at the enthusiastic invitation of Liu Zhaoxiang, a classmate from the 27th class of the New Business Senior Management Training Program at Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, Director of EDP Center at the School of Business Administration of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics in Ganzhou Teaching Point, Secretary of the Student Alumni Association Party Branch, Mr. Yi Yong, along with the class teacher, Ms. Chen Lihua, and nearly 30 classmates, went to No.93 Jinling West Road in the Economic Development Zone to visit and exchange ideas with Ganzhou Daye Metal Fiber Co., Ltd., where Liu Zhaoxiang works, and learn about the company's business development situation.


As a new class, most of the students met for the second time and they warmly communicated with each other right away. The sincere friendship came from continuous self-introduction. In order to strengthen students' mutual understanding, under the hosting of Director Yi, the students introduced themselves one by one and created a lively atmosphere. Afterwards, student Liu Zhaoxiang introduced the company's development process in detail and led everyone on a field visit and exchange.


Ganzhou Daye Metal Fibre Co., Ltd. is a specialized enterprise that produces various types of steel fiber, including arc-shaped, flat-headed, pointed and flat-headed, wavy, corrugated, straight, concave and flat-shaped steel fibers, as well as copper-plated micro-steel fibers and stainless steel fibers. It is the domestic enterprise with the most diverse varieties and complete specifications of steel wire and steel fiber. The company has strong technical strength, advanced production lines, and product testing equipment, with an annual production capacity of over 15,000 tons of steel fiber.


The company has passed ISO9001:2008 quality system certification and has obtained CE certification since 2008. The products have been tested by authoritative institutions such as the National Metal Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. All technical indicators comply with the "Steel Fiber for Concrete- YB/T151-2017" standard of the People's Republic of China's black metallurgical industry, "Fiber Reinforced Concrete Structure Technical Specification- CECS38:2004," "Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Steel Fiber Standard Specification and American ASTM A820-04," and reach international advanced level. It has jointly compiled industry association standards such as "Basic Performance and Experimental Methods of Ultra-High Performance Concrete," "On-site Casting Construction Technical Regulations for Ultra-high Performance Concrete," and "Technical Regulations for Precast Components for Ultra-high Performance Concrete" with authoritative institutions such as the Concrete Association and Tsinghua University.


The company's products are sold worldwide and widely used in many major domestic and foreign engineering projects, such as reservoir dams, power plant buildings, highways, bridges, tunnels, airport runways, railway sleepers, industrial floors, underground chambers, and air defense facilities. The use effect has been highly praised and well received by customers.


Through the first class visit, the students' understanding of each other deepened further. Everyone expressed that in-depth visits to classmates' businesses is also a great way to learn and exchange ideas. At the same time, they were deeply affected by the sincerity and enthusiasm of Liu Zhaoxiang, a young and promising classmate. In the evening, the students had dinner together and ended the visit and exchange activities with joy and laughter. Thanks to the careful preparation and warm hospitality of Liu Zhaoxiang, we wish the New Business Class 27 to build a more harmonious, wonderful, and united class with the joint efforts of all the students! [Secretariat of Ganzhou City Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics EMBA Alumni Association]