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UHPC Copper plated micro steel fiber for reinforced concrete structures price
DAYE Copper/Brass Coated steel fiber is a special metal fiber with strong compression, tension and crack resistance. choosing the right type and amount of steel fiber in the UHPC mix design is key for the technical and economic viability the UHPC application. UHPC steel fiber content, geometry and slenderness have a great influence on the UHPC rheology during mixing and pouring.Besides, a well-balanced choice of the steel fiber requires to also consider the steel fiber price, sustainability, and durability in the UHPC matrix. UHPC steel fiber for reinforced concrete structures, particularly the copper plated micro steel fiber, offers enhanced performance and durability. The steel fiber reinforced concrete price can vary based on multiple factors, including the type and quantity of UHPC steel fiber for reinforced concrete structures used, project specifications, and market conditions. For accurate pricing details, it is advisable to consult with experts or suppliers in the copper plated micro steel fiber field.
Product Detail

Fiber Diameter

0.12mm/0.15mm/0.175mm/0.22mm/0.3mm (+/-0.02)

Fiber Length

6mm /8mm/ 13mm / 15mm/20mm (+/-1);

Fiber can be cut to 6-60mm long as your request.

Tensile Strength


Aspect Ratio


Modulus of Elasticity







Shiny, brass coated


Non Toxic, Non Irritating, Neutral

UHPC steel fiber for reinforced concrete structures is a key component used in reinforced concrete structures to enhance their strength, durability, and resistance to cracking. These UHPC steel fiber for reinforced concrete structures are typically made of high-strength steel and are designed to provide reinforcement and improve the overall performance of concrete. One specific type of UHPC steel fiber is the copper plated micro steel fiber, which has a thin layer of copper coating on its surface.

Copper plated micro steel fiber offers several advantages in reinforced concrete structures. Firstly, the copper coating enhances the bond between the fiber and the concrete matrix, the copper plated micro steel fiber improving the overall mechanical properties of the composite material. Additionally, the copper plating provides corrosion resistance, which is particularly beneficial in aggressive environments where concrete is exposed to harsh chemicals or moisture. The copper plated micro steel fiber helps to prolong the service life of the concrete structure and reduce maintenance costs.

When considering the steel fiber reinforced concrete price, several factors come into play. The cost of UHPC steel fiber for reinforced concrete structures itself is influenced by its material composition, manufacturing process, and market demand. Additionally, the steel fiber reinforced concrete price will depend on various factors such as project size, design requirements, construction complexity, and the quantity of steel fiber used. It is important to consult with suppliers or contractors to obtain accurate pricing information tailored to specific project needs.

UHPC(Ultra High Performance Concrete), also known as UHPFRC (Ultra-High Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete) is an advanced fiber-reinforced concrete that consists of a high volume of cement, silica fume, steel fiber, and others. UHPC is reinforced by steel fiber, which enhance the material’s tensile strength and energy dissipation capacity.The result is an extremely strong concrete without the voids or environmental vulnerabilities common to traditional concrete.

UHPC steel fiber, being a amount of the volume of UHPC, Through a high bonding strength with the matrix, steel fiber provide the toughness required under tension and bending, and the capacity to avoid a sudden failure under high compressive stresses. Steel fiber can reduce the traditional rebars, increasing the level of industrialization.

UHPC advantage:

1. High strength: the UHPFRC/UHPC makes it possible to achieve reinforcements of small dimensions and limited weight.

2. Post-crack tensile strength: UHPC dispenses with the traditional secondary reinforcement.

3. Resistance to penetration: Protects facings from the penetration of water or chlorides.

4. High durability with resists shocks and impacts and flexibility of implementation

UHPC application:

uhpc bridge engineering and structural rehabilitation

uhpc joint connections

uhpc precast elements

prefabricated Solution

uhpc overlay

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