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POM fiber reinforced polymer used in construction
Daye synthetic fiber for concrete is a innovated plastic material for UHPC precast architectural products. Using the POM resin slices as its raw material. It is different from steel fiber/PP fiber/glass fiber/PVA fiber and has superior performance of high strength, high modulus, high durability.

POM fiber reinforced polymer is a versatile material used in construction that combines the benefits of POM fiber's properties with the enhanced strength and performance of reinforced fiber polymer. Utilization of POM fiber reinforced polymer used in construction contributes to the development of lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant structures.
Product Detail


Monofilament (Diameter ≧ 100μm)

UHPC Special Synthetic Fiber

Relative density(g/cm3


glass transition temperatureTg(℃)


melting pointTm(℃)


thermal deformation temperature under load(℃)


Operating temperature(℃)




tensile strength(MPa)


initial modulus(GPa)


Elongation at break(%)


Alkali resistance(%)


Fiber Specifications (Length: mm)


Dosing(Volume Ratio)




Usually the architectural facade, cladding and precast urban furniture is produced by using PP Fiber-Reinforced Concrete, Glass Fiber-Reinforced Concrete(GFRC), Polyvinyl alcohol Fiber(PVA fiber)-Reinforced Concrete because of the advantage of lightweight and design freedom for textures, colors, surface aesthetics, shapes and angles. Our POM fiber is widely used in UHPC facade cladding and precast urban furniture.

Fiber reinforced polymerused in construction, commonly known as reinforced fiber polymer, is a material widely used in the UHPC precast architectural. Fiber reinforced polymer used in construction consists of a polymer matrix, usually made of polyoxymethylene (POM), reinforced with POM fiber to enhance its mechanical properties.

There are many advantages to using fiber reinforced polymer used in construction. First, fiber reinforced polymer used in UHPC precast architectural is lightweight yet has a high strength-to-weight ratio, making it ideal for applications where weight reduction is critical, such as aerospace and structural engineering. In addition, fiber reinforced polymer used in construction has excellent corrosion resistance, which increases the durability and service life of building components in harsh environments.

Reinforced fiber polymer have special uses in the UHPC precast architectural sector due to their special properties. POM is a high-performance engineering thermoplastic known for its stiffness, low friction and excellent dimensional stability. When combined with reinforcing fibers such as glass fiber, PP fiber or PVA fiber, POM fibercan further enhance its mechanical strength, impact resistance and fatigue properties.

In the UHPC precast architectural, POM fiber have a variety of applications. It can be used on structural elements such as beams, columns and trusses, where its high strength and durability offer advantages. POM fiber-reinforced fiber polymer composites are also commonly used to reinforce concrete structures, providing higher flexural and shear strengths. In addition, POM fiber-reinforced fiber polymer can be used in the production of panels, cladding and other building elements, providing a combination of aesthetics and structural integrity.

The advantage of Daye UHPC POM fiber:

1. Lightweight with anti-rust and strong toughness

2. Non-combustible with high temperature resistance

3. Safe without hurting hands and easy forming

4. Save around 40% cost than PVA fiber

1. UHPC Facade, cladding, decoration board.
2. Precast UHPC urban furniture.

3. Exterior and interior decoration panel.
4. Architectural aesthetics precast element.

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